How I Energize My Work

Aristotle believed, and I think correctly, that courage is the first

of the human virtues, because it makes the others possible.


Courage is the ability to exercise your free will and make things happen in the face of setbacks and unforeseen challenges.  By selecting healthy role models and mentors, and taking daily actions, we can define our positive achievement.

GlobalCnet, by design, is unique with theory and practice because of the combination of Psychology, Spirituality and Coaching.  These academic and applied disciplines examine wide historical dimensions, an inner path of personal discovery and the development of existing skills and capabilities.

I specialize in leadership, positive psychology, emotional & social intelligence, and group dynamics. We will work together in co-creating the plan and the solutions with any venue. 

                                         - Michael J. Malette

                                           Change Expert, Author

                                           Founder, Global Connection Network, Inc.

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