Finding or Understanding Spirituality. Great suggestions!

What are our thoughts about the Universe?

Our personal definition of Spirituality.


My dad posed this question to me in a rather defensive matter. We were debating about those hard questions, I brought up spirituality, and he asked "What is that?" in order to stump me. And it kinda did.

I said that no one knows what gravity is, but the effects are present. No one may know what spirituality is, but we know it controls our well-being, purpose, drive, relationships, and other areas of our life, arguably ALL areas.

So what is yours?

Mine so far:
Spirituality is the attraction of our thoughts, feelings, ect. to the self. Not just the ego self, but all areas of the self, including work, health, and every area of life, especially an interconnection between everyone and everything.



Topics to think about when we define Spirituality.  Read "An Epiphany", in the following document.  This is a rare insight, yet so relevant from Hack Life.



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An Epiphany


Imagine for a moment the year is 2000 B.C. and you’re a fisherman living along the coast of what is now Southern Europe.  Like any other morning, you’re fishing when suddenly a powerful burst of energy enters your body.  It creates a tingling sensation in your fingertips, a flutter in your heart and warmth in your belly.  You know it’s not anxiety or a heart attack because it feels comforting and fulfilling.


You put your fishing pole down and sit at the water’s edge.  You reach down and splash a handful of cool water up onto your face.  It is here, in this quiet moment, that you have an epiphany.  And while you are unable to explain how or why this epiphany is coming to you now—you haven’t done anything out of the ordinary to receive it—its message is crystal clear:

The Earth is not flat.  The Earth is a sphere.  You can visualize it revolving around the sun in a predictable orbital pattern.  These visualizations also reveal that the Earth is part of a solar system of eight planets separate from other stars in the night’s sky and that these other stars follow similar predictable patterns of movement.  There is a whole uncharted universe out there that nobody else is aware of.


Once the magnitude of your epiphany settles in your mind, you begin to sweat from nervousness.  Because while the small seaside village you live in is peaceful, there is little tolerance for outlandish ideas and theories like the ones that just rattled your brain.  If you were to tell others about them, the nobles and town leaders might interpret it as a direct threat to the cultural stability of the community, and the rest of the villagers would likely think you’re crazy.  You could be exiled!


You decide that you must handle your business as usual and leave the deep visions and epiphanies to the witch doctors and nomads who dwell in the forests on the outskirts of civilization.  These people have already decided that the world they grew up in doesn’t hold the answers they are looking for.  They are the ones who should convey these outlandish ideas to the world.  Because they have nothing to lose.  At least not as much as you do.

So, you don’t tell a soul about your epiphany.  Days roll into weeks.  Weeks roll into months.  And you imagine, each day, that you are better off for having kept it a secret.  But you are also aware that keeping this secret is eating away at you from the inside out.  You have distanced yourself from people and have been sleeping less and less.  Your mind won’t stop stirring.  Read more,,,


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Spirit is the animating force or source of vitality, energy, strength, and inner peace of within you. Everyone is born with a spirit; it is what gives you life. Some believe it is what guides you through life in the form of ethical, religious, or spiritual beliefs, while others see it as the electrical charge that maintains our nervous systems. Spiritual Identity is your personal perspective of your religious, ethical, and/or sacred beliefs. 



View this video about "The Truth about Consciousness and Spirituality...enjoy!


Wherever We are, GOD is.....

Some of us grew up with a concept of a God who was up there in heaven, an old man in the sky who was angry, vengeful and could not be trusted. He loved, hated, blessed, cursed, created, destroyed and lived only in the Ark.

Just as the ocean is in the wave, and there is no way the wave can be separated from the ocean, there is no way we can be separated from God.  Read more...


God is with us wherever we go.


God goes where you go.






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We're here to serve as your spiritual resource on the Internet.

Many believe Spirituality is the connection we feel to something greater than ourselves. Whatever that "something" is

What are your thoughts?


Many believe that Spirituality is the condtion of awareness of oneself as a spiritual being, i.e. having individual, indestructible consciousness and the awareness of others as spiritual beings. What has become more real for me over recent months is the belief that one can only advance spiritually by helping others, otherwise, it is just adhering to the rules of a particular religion or wrapping onesef up in a cozy, cotton wool kind of mysticism. If you look at the great souls throughout history, what did they have in common? They helped others. I really believe that by helping others according to our own personal circumstances, we will automatically increase our levels of consciousness, insight, wisdom, tolerance, patience and  joy. 

 What are your thoughts?

Are You Invested?

Spiritual Rx Prescriptions Chart

Practice Enhances Balances/Counters
Attention Awareness Distraction, Stress
Beauty Simplicity, Pleasure Clutter, Habitual life
Being Present Contentment Living in past or future
Compassion Caring Judgment, Pain
Connections Holistic way of life Separations, Dualisms
Devotion Self-discipline Lack of commitment
Enthusiasm Energy Apathy, Boredom
Faith Trust Hardened heart, Difficulties
Forgiveness Freedom, Reconciliation Vengefulness, Bitterness
Grace Receptivity, Surrender Shame, Need for control
Gratitude Satisfaction Greed, Entitlement
Hope Optimism Despair, Impatience
Hospitality Tolerance Hostility, Criticalness
Imagination Creativity Rationalism
Joy Happiness Sadness, Sorrow
Justice Equality, Dignity Oppression, Fanaticism
Kindness Generosity Selfishness
Listening Discernment Disregard for others
Love Intimacy Fear
Meaning Understanding Cynicism, Shallowness
Nurturing Balance Deprivation, Codependency
Openness Empathy, Flexibility Close-mindedness
Peace Serenity, Equanimity Anger, Violence, Worry
Play Free-spiritedness Earnestness, Predictability
Questing Adventure, Risk-taking Timidity, Certitude
Reverence Worth, Awe Wastefulness, Ennui
Shadow Wholeness Pollyannaism, Projections
Silence Contemplation Chaos
Teachers Wisdom Pride
Transformation Healing, Growth Resistance to change
Unity Harmony, Solidarity Loneliness, Individualism
Vision Idealism Pragmatism
Wonder Sensuousness Indifference
X - The Mystery Not knowing Tidy and logical systems
Yearning Fulfillment, Ecstasy Being stuck in status quo
You Authenticity Low self-esteem, Grandiosity
Zeal Passionate life Unlived life


Religion and spirituality are definitely starting to merge!  Whether you follow a specific religious path, have a spiritual practice or just want to see the world a better place, you could find some insight and value in this video.


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