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Programs and Resources


GlobalCnet is unique with theory and practice because of the combination of Psychology, Spirituality and Coaching.  These academic and applied disciplines examine wide historical dimensions, an inner path of personal discovery and the development of existing skills and capabilities.






We cannot do what we use to do and expect different results!


As we increase our intuitive awareness (thinking with your heart) of who we are, we can further realize and understand better, the i”  .... which is defined as personal motivation, or our self worth.


With a workshop on the use of tude words in all our life situations, (examples: attitude, gratitude...), we can visualize and further define our beliefs, habits and activity.  This realization gives us strength and guidance for a perceived or required change.


Futhermore, with this improved awareness and confidence, we can build our experiences, oand acquire new Skills.  Directionally, we can quickly achieve significant personal and professional change, with a solid escalation.


Confidentally, by defining and accepting responsibility, starting right now, and intentional use of our intuitive thinking, we could enjoy increased self esteem and prosperity.


In using itudeSkills interactive programs, we can discover the opportunity to release, realize, clearify change and broaden our possibilities.  This all part of understanding our Life Purpose.




Understanding the image you may project to others.


   What do your neighbors think about you?



Do you really know your neighbor?  How are your people skills?   What kind of error thinking comes from your past experiences?  Are you reactive and easily un-balanced?  Are you frustrated and sad because you have no close friends?


We can view an answer from a perception, incident or even guesswork.


Now, assuming that you are not well liked, have all kinds of disagreements, anger and frustration on a regular basis.  Could this mean you are missing, or are not using some important life skills?


Together, with neighborSkills we will work towards a balance of your thoughts, actions and reality with the important people in your life, and the new person standing right next to you.



To achieve, we must recognized the importance all people,

all places and every event in our unfolding life.




“Hearing Spirit in a Noisy World.”


 Reverend Michael J. Malette, WCM


Leading an extraordinary life is

possible for everyone.


  • Together, we motivate and assist sincere individuals as they observe, experience and apply Universal Spritual Truths to “Become Calm, Balanced and Centered” in a noisy World.
  • Using text, theory and practices of restoration thought, positive psychology, emotional & social intelligence; followed by timely affirmations..... we can achieve to understand and share exceptional lifetime wellness.
  • Unlike traditional safe, quiet or structured thought, we must realize how noisy the world can be.
  • Even if we observe  negative thought, we can still claim and co-create goodness and prosperity, regardless of the chaos.
  • Our personal story is of utmost importance as we develop our personal and professional relationships.
  • We are all part of this Divine Creation.




Our lives are rich with potential sources

of happiness.