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Our marketing thought was "to give you the opportunity to find a new or expandaded ways to live your life to the fullest".  All the outstanding Life Products have been chosen from the vast WWW for your introduction and possible answers to Living a Spectacular Life.......go window shopping, check them out.


 All products are linked to web sites that will explain in detail their "purpose and procedures".


BE SURE TO VISIT THE LINKS BELOW.  They contain outstanding information on Alternative Life Saving Therapy and Protocols.  Be Healthy and share this knowledge.


We are here to assist you, feel free to send an email on the "Contact Page" of this web site for any questions or comment.


Live Healthy - Live Happy!  Go window shopping on the links below!


                                             - Michael J. Malette

                                               Founder, Global Connection Network, Inc. 


Get Kim's 5-day Komando Kit—With a $50 Off, Listener-Only Discount

Five Full Days of Food, Gear, and Water!


"Protect yourself with the Komando Kit from BePrepared.com. It gives you five days of emergency food, gear and water"
-Kim Komando

Hurricane Blowing Trees

Hurricanes, earthquakes, power outages, job loss—you name it. Disasters can strike without notice and leave you and loved ones in serious danger.


And the scariest part is, if you're like most victims of disaster, chances are no one will be there to save you. You are often your family's first and ONLY line of defense.


That's why Kim Komando has teamed up with BePrepared.com to make protecting your family easy (and a lot more affordable than you might think). Together, they've created one of the very best five-day emergency survival kits money can buy.



Get the tools you need to survive. Order your kit today while supplies last.






Spend some time on line each week for inspiration and a sense of community with other people who are serious about achieving their optimum health potential.


• Learn how to detoxify your body and mind.
• Listen to demonstrations of how to make delicious cleanse-friendly meals and snacks.
• Hear from experts on Cleansing, Nutrition, Naturopathy



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Manifest Absolutely Anything v2.0 Review – Rishan B

Only $37.00


It’s become common knowledge these days in this whole consciousness world that it’s a good thing to visualize what you want. Not only visualize it, but feel it, “act as if,” and so on. The thing is, I have not come across many things that give you a good, solid blueprint on how to do this: a system, a routine, something that can get you in touch with the emotional state consistently. Also, something to actually help you form the vision itself so you can develop it, hold it and strengthen it. Also, the bottom line is that visualizing requires a type of focus that we do not normally exercise, and requires practice.

Manifest absolutely anything v2.0 really does deal with all of these issues, even though it’s pretty short. It’s just to the point, and doesn’t drag it out into a 10 DVD course. It helps you form a vision using all of your senses, and presents a real routine and practice to strengthen and hold that in a way that acknowledges that this is a daily practice. Here are some of the things manifest absolutely anything works with:

1.  Getting in touch with what you really want, through a questioning process that is useful.

2. Acknowledging and working with how believable you think the goal is. Something very important and often overlooked!

3. What if I’m not a visual person? An important question. Manifest absolutely anything v2.0 has a series of questions and processes to get you in touch with various sensory and emotional experiences that the goal would create, to help you feel the energy of the goal in the kinesthetic and auditory levels as well. Even if you are extremely visual, all of these elements are important.

4. A powerful script and process to get you into a meditative state where you can more deeply experience the entire process. In a way, this part right here is really worth way more than the price of admission. Let’s talk a little bit about this script.






Hello and welcome to our website.
We are a family owned and operated business located in Canada.

We manufacture and/or distribute products with a focus on eliminating or controlling toxins and parasites that we encounter on a day to day on our journey through life.
We use the products we sell and absolutely believe them to beneficial.







Whatever your self-growth goals, we have a Program to help you. Whether you want rapid results with the law of attraction, to raise your energetic vibration, lower your stress, learn to meditate or clear your inner blocks, you'll find a Program below to help you reach your next level.

Core Essentials: Manifesting, Meditation & Stress Reduction

New to Mind-Body Training? Want to manifest what you desire quickly and easily with the law of attraction? Want to calm your mind, reduce stress or learn how to meditate? Start here with these Programs:


 Advanced Clearing & Meditation

Clearing your mental, emotional and physical blocks is the real secret to attracting all the abundance and success you truly desire. It's also the secret to true inner happiness and peace of mind. Focus on clearing your inner space and purifying consciousness with these Programs:


Advanced Manifestation & Law Of Attraction

Now that your energetic vibration is strong and you're feeling great, it's time to start using that positive energy to create more of the good things you desire in your life. These Programs will super-charge your ability to manifest what you desire with the law of attraction:

Ask Yourself A Question That Could Change Your Life!


You’ll discover how to go beyond manifesting the separate things you think you want... to manifesting everything you truly desire. 
Learn how to tap your unique potential to create what is aligned with your Core Desires. Discover how to manifest the life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment that you were meant to with this Program. 


                                $97.00  a $100 Savings




Check out the latest NEWS...some scary, some crazy but all very informative...


GlobalCnet in the News.....



For over a decade, NorthStar Nutritionals has been committed to providing high quality nutritional products using the latest scientific research available, as well as the best ingredients derived from reliable sources.



Extrovert-Me! - Get the most out of life







"Learn Why Hundreds of Thousands of People Around the World are Turning to Raw Food to Lose Weight, Feel Great and Regain their Vitality and Energy"




IMMUNOCAL - Boost your Natural Immune System by boosting your Glutathione Level.

The power of your immune system is undeniable.

Strengthen and support your immune system and live your life to the fullest. Watch the videos and begin to understand natural solutions instead of more pills or evasive medicine.


Your natural immune system working at full strenth could fight off almost ant disease.......

"Why increasingly , are so many people devastaded and dying from Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease?"  Have you ever woundered why these are becomming expected diseases?


Don't live sick, protect or boost your Natural Immune System and stay healthy. 


Click on the box of Immunocal for more information.





LifeWave Nanotech Patches

The Patches represent the synergy between nanotechnology and the ancient healing art of acupuncture. They are completely unique and work with pain management, weight loss and many more modalities.

Effective – works in a matter of minutes.  Safewith no side effects from drugs or chemicals.

Get more information on the complete line of FDA approved, all natural non-toxic non-chemical approachs to better health care.


Click on the energy patch picture for more information.




Complete Immune Health Program.  Natural ways to improve or stay healthy.

           Only $49


Should you have LEGAL INSURANCE ?

Protect your family, protect yourself.


We have auto, life, health and home insurance to protect us from unexpected events.


In todays busy world we have many issues that should be reviewed by a lawyer.  With the high hourly fee's we sometimes do get legal advise and leave a chance for costly mistakes.

Now with your Pre-Paid Legal Service you can say: "Let me ask my attorney...anytime."  Explore this program, it is designed with many features that we can use all the time!


There are many personal and business options starting at a low group monthy fee of $17.00.


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“How To Be Happier, More Fulfilled, And
Totally In Love With Your Life!”



  • An Exclusive Action-Packed Playbook loaded with tips & tricks and practical exercises that will fast track you towards success
  •      The Powerbooks and Audios will cover 6 key topics:

    1. Optimum Self Confidence so fear never stands in your way again
    2. Motivation so you’ll have the drive to go after any goal you want
    3. Overcoming Procrastination so you never hold yourself back from achieving success again
    4. Focus so you can easily place your energy when and where you need it
    5. Goal Setting so you’ll not only know how to set goals, but you’ll know the actions to take so you accomplish them no matter what!
    6. Self Discipline so you have the power to stick to your decisions and always follow through with your goals.
  • 6 Success Blueprints so you will know exactly what steps you need to take in order to succeed