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Breaking the Stigma: 13 Essential Facts About HIV/AIDS

Let’s change the conversation about HIV and AIDS by knowing the difference between fact and fiction.

Breaking the Stigma: 13 Essential Facts About HIV/AIDS
By Deborah Wilburn and Olivia DeLong

In 1981, a group of researchers and scientists published a report in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) about cases of an uncommon type of pneumonia in gay men.

Whether the researchers of that MMWR study realized it or not—the AIDS crisis had begun. 


Since the epidemic started, more than 700,000 people have died from AIDS-related illnesses in the United States.

The epidemic has also had a worldwide impact—more than 38 million people had the condition in 2019, reports UNAIDS. For people who have access to the treatments, HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence. In fact, treatments can help people live long, healthy lives. 


It has been four decades since the HIV/AIDS epidemic began, and while major strides have been made, stigma and misinformation remain. 

Here are the most essential HIV/AIDS facts that everyone should know. 


HIV facts, explained 
HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that destroys the body’s CD4 cells or T cells, which usually help fight off infections and diseases.

If HIV goes undiagnosed, the number of T cells will decrease. 


The body can’t get rid of this virus, so once you have HIV, you have it for life. HIV develops in stages from the time of infection, but if treated with the proper medications, a person can live healthily for many years with HIV.  


HIV affects roughly 1.2 million Americans, though it’s likely that one person in seven doesn’t know they have it.

That said, rates are declining in the U.S. In 2008, 45,700 people were newly diagnosed. By 2018, that number dropped to about 38,000 new HIV cases. 


AIDS versus HIV: The facts about how they are related  
AIDS is the most advanced stage of HIV. It typically develops when a person isn’t diagnosed or adequately treated for HIV.

It takes, on average, 10 or more years for AIDS symptoms to appear after the initial HIV infection. Poor nutrition, extreme stress and other medical conditions, such as hepatitis C, can cause an earlier AIDS onset. 

Once AIDS develops, the immune system is already severely damaged and unable to protect itself from simple infections, cancers and other immune diseases.

Without treatment, most people living with AIDS will only live for about three years. 


What are the symptoms? 
As early as two weeks after exposure, people may develop flu-like symptoms such as a sore throat, rash, fever or chills.

During this stage, the virus multiplies rapidly and is most contagious. These symptoms will last for a few weeks. 


After the first stage of infection, HIV then moves into a latency stage when there are no symptoms. More severe symptoms of HIV-caused infections and cancers will likely appear years later. 


Diagnosing HIV 
Typically, the virus is diagnosed through a blood test or by checking your saliva for the virus itself or the antibodies that target it.

It’s very important to get tested if you’re having symptoms, or if you’ve had sex or shared needles with someone who is infected.

And the CDC recommends all adults between the ages of 13 and 64 have at least one test in their lifetime. 


However, HIV testing will not detect the virus right after exposure.

In fact, it may take anywhere from 10 to 90 days, depending on your body and the type of test you take.

At-home antibody tests in which you swab fluids from your gums or prick your finger are also available, but you may need your healthcare provider to perform a follow-up test. 


If you think you’ve been exposed, see your healthcare provider right away so you can discuss the option that is best for you.

If it’s within 72 hours of exposure, they may recommend post-exposure prophylaxis, medications that may prevent you from becoming infected. 


Treatment options for HIV 
The virus is treated with a mix of HIV medications called antiretroviral therapy, which decreases the amount of the virus in your body.

Because of the improvements in HIV drugs, people with HIV can keep the virus suppressed, are able to fight off infections and can expect nearly the same longevity as someone without the virus. 


When treated consistently, you can live a longer, healthier life.

Taking antiretroviral medicines also reduces the chance of you infecting others and can reduce the chance of a pregnant woman spreading it to her baby.

It’s important to be diagnosed and start treatment as early as possible.

And once you start treatment, it's imperative you stay on the treatment as instructed by your healthcare provider.  


How is HIV actually spread? 
The virus can be found in the blood, semen and vaginal fluids of a person who is infected with HIV. Having unprotected sex, especially anal and vaginal intercourse, can put you at risk. 

Getting a tattoo or body piercing with contaminated equipment can also pass on the virus, though the CDC says there are no known cases in the U.S. Sharing needles with a drug user can transmit the virus since blood is present in needles and syringes.

And a mother who is HIV-positive can transmit it to her baby during pregnancy, childbirth or through breastfeeding, especially if she is not receiving HIV treatment. 


Who’s at higher risk? 
Anyone can contract HIV, but there are certain factors that can increase the risk of HIV. 

People living in communities with a high HIV infection rate are more likely to contract the virus from an infected person through sex, or through needle sharing. 


The number of new HIV cases in the U.S. is highest among gay and bisexual men; they account for 70 percent of all new HIV infections. 

Compared to other racial and ethnic groups, Black people have the most cases of HIV.

And, transgender women who have sex with men have an increased risk, too. 


Where did HIV come from? 
Experts do know where HIV came from.

In fact, the initial spread to humans began in the 1800s.

HIV originated from a certain type of chimpanzee in Central Africa.

The chimpanzees had a version of the virus called simian immunodeficiency virus that began spreading to humans when humans were hunting them, coming into contact with their blood in the process.

Once humans became infected, the virus spread through Africa and other parts of the world, then to the United States by the 1970s. 


Is there a cure for HIV? 
While there is no cure for HIV, it is possible to control the virus with proper medical treatment.

As soon as a person starts treatment, they’re not only working towards a longer life for themselves, they are also lowering the chances of the HIV spreading to someone else. 


How can I prevent HIV infection? 
Practicing safe sex is the most effective way to prevent HIV.

Unless you and your partner are monogamous and have both tested negative for HIV, use condoms and limit sexual contact with multiple partners.

Here are some other ways to prevent HIV: 

  • Avoid sexual practices that could allow HIV-infected fluids, like blood, semen and vaginal secretions, to pass into your body. 
  • Stop using illegal drugs. If you do use them, never share needles with others and always use a disinfected needle. 
  • If you think you’re at risk of contracting HIV, talk to your healthcare provider about the antiviral medication used to prevent infection. 


How can I stay healthy with HIV? 
If you have HIV, maintaining healthy lifestyle habits is important. Here are some ways to live better with HIV: 

  • Eat a healthy diet to boost your immune system, build strength and increase your energy. 
  • Limit alcohol, which can interfere with your treatment. 
  • Since HIV affects your immune system, you’re more at-risk for foodborne illnesses, so make sure your meals are safely prepared and your food is stored safely. 
  • Watch your weight and get regular exercise—but talk with your healthcare provider first to make sure your fitness plan works with your HIV treatment program.  
  • Make sure you’re up-to-date with all of your recommended vaccinations. 


The stigma around HIV/AIDS remains 
HIV-related stigma is still very much a worldwide issue.

Some of the same fears surrounding HIV in the 1980s are still prevalent today.

Stigma and discrimination are two major barriers to HIV prevention and treatment, reports UNAIDS. They prevent people from seeking information and getting medical care, and discourage people from disclosing their HIV status.


People living with HIV may experience negativity, prejudice and even abuse as a result of their HIV diagnosis.

Many people who don't know the facts about AIDS or HIV still falsely think that: HIV is always associated with death, is only a result of sexual intercourse and that people with HIV deserve consequences for the mistakes they've made. 


If you’re wondering how you can help stop HIV-related stigma, you might first try reading accounts from people living with HIV at Positive Spin.

You can also help raise awareness by participating in Let’s Stop HIV Together and World AIDS Day

Another simple way to help: Know the HIV/AIDS facts, so you can have informed discussions with others who may be misinformed. 


4 resources for people living with HIV 
There are so many resources to help people who have HIV, or people who know someone that is infected, including: 

  • If you’re in need of a substance abuse treatment center, visit SAMHSA.gov or call 1-800-662-HELP. 
  • For questions about treatment options, clinical trials related to HIV, support after diagnosis or counseling, AIDSVu has a list of resources to help. 
  • For employment help, The U.S. Department of Labor provides helpful information about working and finding a job when you have HIV. 
  • You cannot be discriminated against for having HIV, be it in work, housing, transportation, health benefits or public accommodation situations. If you feel you’re being discriminated against, file a Civil Rights Complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

Medically reviewed in February 2020. Updated in March 2021. 


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Oxidative Stress in HIV Infection and Consequent Disease



Is HIV curable if caught early?



HIV Treatment
HIV cannot be treated or managed without proper medical therapy.


There is no cure for HIV yet. Antiretroviral treatment can, however, control the infection limiting the virus multiplication in the body. With proper treatment, people with HIV can lead long and healthy lives. Treatment lowers the viral load (concentration of the virus in the blood), which not only protects the person from progressing into an advanced stage of the disease but also reduces the chances of transmission of the virus to others.

It is important to get tested for HIV in the early stages of infection to minimize the damage to the immune system. Successful treatment aims to reduce HIV load to a level that is harmless to the body. However, some of the viruses may persist. Trials are underway for getting a safe and effective HIV vaccine.


Can HIV be cured naturally?


HIV cannot be treated or managed without proper medical therapy. It is important to seek medical attention as soon as a person is exposed to a potential risk of HIV infection. This will facilitate early diagnosis and treatment. It can be dangerous to seek non-scientific and unapproved treatment approaches as it may lead to disease progression. This will make the management more difficult and may even lead to fatal complications.


Are HIV and AIDS the same?


HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. If someone has HIV, it means that they have been diagnosed with the HIV infection. AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome); however, is the most advanced or final stage of the HIV infection and is characterized by:

  • A damaged immune system with low CD4 cells (a type of white blood cells that fight infections) counts in the blood.
  • High HIV load (viral concentration) in the blood.
  • Opportunistic infections: These are infections that occur more frequently or are more severe in people with weakened immune systems than in people with healthy immune systems.
  • In the absence of treatment, people with AIDS rarely survive beyond three years.

The symptoms of AIDS are:



A Timeline of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic See Slideshow



Can the spread of HIV from the mother to the baby be prevented during pregnancy?


If the mother is HIV positive, mother to child transmission during pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding is possible. This spread of infection from the mother to her child is called perinatal transmission of HIV. The rate of mother-to-child transmission of HIV is one percent or less in the United States and Europe, due to treatment strategies. These strategies are:

  • Giving antiretroviral therapy (ART) to the mother: HIV medicines prevent the virus from multiplying. This reduces the amount of HIV in the body (the viral load). The decreased viral load minimizes the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV during pregnancy and childbirth. Besides reducing the mother’s viral load, some HIV medicines can pass from the pregnant woman to her unborn baby through the placenta. This protects the baby from any exposure to HIV, especially during vaginal delivery.
  • Cesarean delivery: A scheduled or elective cesarean delivery can reduce the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in women who have a high or unknown viral load near the time of delivery.
  • HIV medicines for the baby: ART initiated in the newborn soon after birth further reduces the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, post-delivery.



Natural Products and HIV/AIDS

Free PMC article


The study of natural products in biomedical research is not a modern concept.

Many of the most successful medical therapeutics are derived from natural products, including those studied in the field of HIV/AIDS.

Biomedical research has a rich history of discovery based on screens of medicinal herbs and traditional medicine practices.

Compounds derived from natural products, which repress HIV and those that activate latent HIV, have been reported.

It is important to remember the tradition in medical research to derive therapies based on these natural products and to overcome the negative perception of natural products as an "alternative medicine."


Keywords: AIDS; HIV; HIV reactivation; HIV suppression; natural products.

Conflict of interest statement

No competing financial interests exist.

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The role of oxidative stress in HIV disease

Author links open overlay panelGary W.PaceCynthia D.Leaf


Evidence has accumulated suggesting that HIV-infected patients are under chronic oxidative stress. Perturbations to the antioxidant defense system, including changes in levels of ascorbic acid, tocopherols, carotenoids, selenium, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione, have been observed in various tissues of these patients. Elevated serum levels of hydroperoxides and malondialdehyde also have been noted and are indicative of oxidative stress during HIV infection. Indications of oxidative stress are observed in asymptomatic HIV-infected patients early in the course of the disease. Oxidative stress may contribute to several aspects of HIV disease pathogenesis, including viral replication, inflammatory response, decreased immune cell proliferation, loss of immune function, apoptosis, chronic weight loss, and increased sensitivity to drug toxicities. Glutathione may play a role in these processes, and thus, agents that replete glutathione may offer a promising treatment for HIV-infected patients. Clinical studies are underway to evaluate the efficacy of the glutathione-repleting agents, L-2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid (OTC) and N-acetylcysteine (NAC), in HIV-infected patients.


Free radicals
Human immunodeficiency virus
Oxidative stress


Master Mineral Supplement (MMS)


A word from Jim Humble, The Man behind MMS


It is important to note that MMS does not cure disease. MMS is an oxidizer, it kills pathogens and destroys poisons. When these are reduced or eliminated in the body, then the body can function properly and thereby heal. I often say, “The body heals the body”. MMS helps to line things up so the body can do just that.


I want to tell you about a breakthrough that can save your life, or the life of a loved one. In 1996, while on a gold mining expedition in South America, I discovered that chlorine dioxide quickly eradicates malaria.


Since that time, it has proven to restore partial or full health to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a wide range of disease, including cancer, diabetes, hepatitis A, B, C, Lyme disease, MRSA, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS, malaria, autism, infections of all kinds, arthritis, high cholesterol, acid reflux, kidney or liver diseases, aches and pains, allergies, urinary tract infections, digestive problems, high blood pressure, obesity, parasites, tumors and cysts, depression, sinus problems, eye disease, ear infections, dengue fever, skin problems, dental issues, problems with prostate (high PSA), erectile dysfunction and the list goes on. This is by far not a comprehensive list. I know it sounds too good to be true, but according to feedback I have received over the last 20 years, I think it’s safe to say MMS has the potential to overcome most diseases known to mankind.


This is by far not a comprehensive list. I know it sounds too good to be true, but according to feedback I have received over the last 20 years, I think it’s safe to say MMS has the potential to overcome most diseases known to mankind.


It is important to note that MMS does not cure disease. MMS is an oxidizer, it kills pathogens and destroys poisons. When these are reduced or eliminated in the body, then the body can function properly and thereby heal. I often say, “The body heals the body”. MMS helps to line things up so the body can do just that.


Chlorine dioxide is used for bleaching of wood pulp and for the disinfection (called chlorination) of municipal drinking water, treatment of water in oil & gas applications, disinfection in the food industry, microbiological control in cooling towers, and textile bleaching


MMS continues to save lives the world over and I must be honest, sometimes even I'm shocked to see such radical results. This past eight weeks once again showed us what some over their called miracles. Dying folks with HIV who couldn't even walk were up and about in just ten days. A young girl (her doctors had given up on her) with stomach cancer and dying of starvation (to painful to eat) was eating whole meals after two weeks of MMS and MMS2. Her cheeks had that Rosey healthy look when we left her - I will never forget her family's gratefulness. 

I was reminded though that MMS alone can not do all the work in healing the body. Supplying the body with its basic minerals to rebuild its constitution and then teaching people the benefits of fasting both proved to be major jumps forward when treating people with MMS and MMS2 protocols. We actually reformulated our mineral supplements during our time away - based on what we learned from our friends in Oman, we re-engineered our mineral formula. So we super excited to now share this with you and our suppliers across the world soonest. read more....


The magic of chlorine dioxide! Project Camelot interviews Jim Humble, the man behind MMS: Miracle Mineral Supplement - https://goo.gl/JoSSPt


MMS & THE CHARGES AGAINST HIM - https://goo.gl/1lWfNn

Jim Humble's website - https://jimhumble.co


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. MMS (Master Mineral Solution) has not been FDA approved to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease. Chlorine Dioxide is also called MMS. License: Except where otherwise noted,  is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.





Humble's Mineral Solution

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How Best to use the MMS Product


Bolivia’s Congress Says Chloride Dioxide Kills Coronavirus.



Chlorine Dioxide -

Why All The Interest?



Sodium Chlorite: Can It Be Used as Medicine?



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MMS Testimonials




COVID-19 Testimonials



'Bionic Woman' actress says substance known as MMS worked for her











MMS Testimonials



The purpose of this document is to show basic scientific proofs and logic of MMS. Scientific references are given where ever possible.  MMS is an oxidizer that kills the pathogens of many different diseases. The chemical of MMS has been used to kill pathogens for 100 years, and to purify water. This paper gives the chemical formula of MMS, explains how it works and explains the simplicity of making it. The basics of oxidation is explained, as that is necessary to understand.


Treatment of diseases and training


Actually - we don't consider that we treat diseases. We believe that our product MMS brings health to all, and especially those who are sick. With the thousands of testimonies with most known diseases represented, we believe that MMS brings health to those who are sick regardless of what they may be sick from. Each person is expected to know and use MMS for himself, and his children. We have the literature and we provide seminars that covers MMS data thoroughly, giving each student the opportunity to do each protocol so that he knows it. The data is provided online, and many different emails addresses bring in hundreds of letters daily that are answered so that people can use MMS safely. Our church, the Genesis 2 Church of Health & Healing, has more than 500 Ministers of Health & Healing and 35 Bishops of Health & Healing (as of 06.2012). These Ministers and Bishops helps anyone who might ask them, with information on how to use MMS, and often providing the MMS for free.


We never stop learning.

By Jim Humble:


MMS continues to save lives the world over and I must be honest, sometimes even I'm shocked to see such radical results. This past eight weeks once again showed us what some over their called miracles. Dying folks with HIV who couldn't even walk where up and about in just ten days. A young girl (her doctors had given up on her) with stomach cancer and dying of starvation (to painful to eat) was eating whole meals after two weeks of MMS and MMS2. Her cheeks had that rosey healthy look when we left her - I will never forget her families gratefulness. 

I was reminded though that MMS alone can not do all the work in healing the body. Supplying the body with its basic minerals to rebuild its constitution and then teaching people the benefits of fasting both proved to be major jumps forward when treating people with MMS and MMS2 protocols. We actually reformulated our mineral supplements during our time away - based on what we learnt from our friends in Oman, we re-engineered our mineral formula. So we super excited to now share this with you and our suppliers across the world soonest.


Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine





The magic of chlorine dioxide! Project Camelot interviews Jim Humble, the man behind MMS: Miracle Mineral Supplement - https://goo.gl/JoSSPt


MMS & THE CHARGES AGAINST HIM - https://goo.gl/1lWfNn

Jim Humble's website - https://jimhumble.is


What is a pathogen and how do we eradicate them?


A pathogen is described as any biological agent that causes disease or illness to its host. Types of pathogens include Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa, Fungi, Parasites and Proteins. 

It is commonly known that a pathogen will not survive in an oxygen-rich, PH-balanced internal environment.

MMS adds oxygen and alkalizes to help balance PH. MMS has been found to be effective in creating an environment deadly to pathogens.






3 Easy Alternatives to Meditation

According to science, they lower stress, anxiety and can be remarkably relaxing.

Younes Henni, PhD
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

There is little chance our stone-age ancestors focused on their breathing for ten minutes a day or journaled their thoughts. Yet, we do know that:

  • They slept better.
  • They were happier.
  • They didn’t experience high levels of stress, worry, or anxiety — unless in life-threatening situations.

While meditation and journaling can help you relax, scientists found simpler ways to achieve the same results.


One of the easiest alternatives to meditation is getting into “optic flow”.

Optic flow happens when things are moving past your eyes.

For example, when you walk, jog, or ride a bike. But also when you’re gazing out the window of a moving train, bus, or driving your car.


When studying the brain, scientists discovered that optic flow reduces brain activity in a region known as the amygdala — the main center of anxiety, fear, and threat detection.

While it helped us escape predators and other forms of danger, the amygdala is overdoing its role in our modern and much safer environments.


Another way to engage in optic flow is to stay still and watch things move past your eyes, tracking the movement from time to time.

For instance, contemplating a river stream, a water cascade, or drifting clouds can be immensely relaxing as well.


Andrew Huberman, a professor of neuroscience at Stanford University, talks about injecting optic flow into his daily routine:

“For me, taking a walk each morning is not about exercise or burning calories. It’s about getting into optic flow and reducing the levels of amygdala activation. It helps me become alert, without feeling anxious.” — Excerpt from the Huberman podcast.


The science is clear: walking, running, biking, gazing out the window of a moving vehicle, or watching waterfalls calms your mind and reduces your anxiety levels.


The second alternative to meditation is viewing green spaces, trees, plants, or spending time in nature. As science shows, this practice has remarkable benefits on the body and mind.


Two comprehensive studies monitored the effects of visiting city parks on young adults and seniors. Participants made regular trips to a public park in spring and summer. Surrounded by cherry blossoms, green grass, and a pond, they sat calmly.

They absorbed the beautiful scenery for ten to fifteen minutes per session while scientists monitored several of their body functions.

The results of the experiment were no less than incredible. Participants start having:

  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Lower levels of anxiety, depression, and anger.
  • Lower heart rates.
  • An increased positive mood.

Moreover, everyone reported feeling “refreshed”.

“The results of this study suggest that viewing urban parks results in physiological and psychological relaxation.” Concludes the authors of one of the studies.


Whether young or old, spending time in a nice public park or a nearby urban forest space can reduce your stress, anxiety and make your body healthier.


The third alternative to meditation is simply window-gazing.


Have you ever wondered why hotels charge more money for a sea-view room?

Or why do we tend to prefer office space with windows?

It turns out, our yearning for windows does translate into real mental and physical benefits.


According to several studies, window gazing relaxes the eyes, relieves stress, improves workplace culture, and increases job satisfaction.

Viewing things far away relieves the eye muscles and lowers brain activity, making you feel relaxed.


A window that offers beautiful scenery helps you recover faster from a stressful experience.

A study found that patients in intensive therapy units with access to windows had better memory, orientation, and fewer hallucinations than those in windowless units.


Office windows are a big deal.

Employees working in windowless offices reported feelings of isolation, depression, and tension.

They also complained of lacking information about the outside world while doing their job.


In contrast, a window offers daylight, sceneries, and information about the weather and outside events.

And because they let more brightness in, windows add to your ability to perceive your surroundings, making you feel safer and in control.

No wonder a preference for windows with great views was among the most frequently requested elements of residential and office buildings.


Does your office offer access to a window?

Gaze off it whenever you can.

Your body and mind will thank you for it.


Because of their lifestyle, our stone-age ancestors engaged in optic flow, nature dwelling, and hill gazing (assuming that’s the old version of window-gazing) daily.

Yet, you can still leverage your immediate urban environment to practice these techniques with ease.


If you have access to a nearby public park, try spending more time in it.

If you’ve got a break, take a walk, a jog, or a go for a ride.

Does your workplace offer access to a window with a nice view?

Gaze out of it whenever you can.

Simple as they are, these habits can make a positive impact on your mental and physical wellbeing.


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What your see in the Toliet can give you

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By Dr. Mercola

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But your bodily emissions are an important health topic that deserves serious attention, regardless of the “ick factor.” In fact, if you ignore what you deposit in your toilet, you could be flushing your health down the drain!

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Although there is a certainly a wide variety of stool colors, textures and forms that are considered “normal,” there are definitely things that, if seen or experienced, warrant immediate medical attention. With this in mind, the overview that follows covers what you need to know about what’s normal and not normal in the bathroom department.





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"New Treatment Helps Cancer Without Drugs:
Why Hasn't the FDA Approved it?"


Cancer patients have experienced healing with this treatment which has been approved by the German equivalent of the FDA. When this treatment will be available in the US is another matter...  read more........




Ketogenic Diet May be Key to Cancer Recovery


By Dr. Mercola


To some, a ketogenic diet amounts to nothing less than a drug-free cancer treatment. The diet calls for eliminating carbohydrates, replacing them with healthy fats and protein.


The premise is that since cancer cells need glucose to thrive, and carbohydrates turn into glucose in your body, then cutting out carbs literally starves the cancer cells.

This type of diet, in which you replace carbs with moderate amounts of high quality protein and high amounts of beneficial fat, is what I recommend for everyone, whether you have cancer or not. It's simply a diet that will help optimize your weight and health overall, as eating this way will help you convert from carb burning mode to fat burning.



Ketogenic Diet May Be Key to Brain Cancer Recovery


The featured video shows Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D, who is one of the leaders in teasing the details of how to treat cancer nutritionally. I am scheduled to interview him shortly and hope to have that interview up later this year. In the video, Professor Seyfried discusses how, as a metabolic disorder involving the dysregulation of respiration, malignant brain cancer can be managed through changes in the metabolic environment.


Watch it now....................... 21 minutes.

Metabolic Therapy/Ketogenic Diet Being Investigated as Cancer Treatment

CBN News recently published an article on the ketogenic diet.2 Clearly, many people are realizing that what we have been doing in terms of fighting cancer is simply not working, and we cannot afford to continue in the same way. Prevention must be addressed if we ever want to turn the tide on the growing incidence of cancer across all age groups. But even more astounding, in terms of treatment, is that cancer may respond to diet alone.     read more.....


Ever have trouble sleeping?

Which Sleep Problem is Keeping You Awake?


There are three kinds of sleep problems that people experience more and more as they age – and chances are...one of them is keeping you from getting the sleep you deserve.

Sleep Problem #1: You wake up every morning feeling tired.

It doesn't seem to matter how early you go to bed – or how many hours you sleep. Instead of feeling refreshed and energized from a good night's sleep – you wake up exhausted, grumpy and fuzzy–brained.

Sleep Problem #2: You have trouble falling asleep at night.

Even though you're exhausted when you hit the sack, you still lay awake for hours, watching the minutes crawl. You try to count sheep, but your brain is too busy racing with seemingly endless thoughts and worries.

Sleep Problem #3: You can't stay asleep through the night.

You manage to fall asleep, but the slightest noise – like a snore from your spouse or an acorn hitting the deck outside – startles you awake. And then your "busy brain" kicks in – and it's nearly impossible to go back to sleep.

The good news is... you don't have to put up with little or no sleep every night.

This groundbreaking video reveals the underlying cause of those frustrating sleep problems--along with a simple way to reverse them so you finally get the deep, refreshing sleep you deserve!

Click here to watch it now – and get the sleep you need to feel energized, rejuvenated and brimming with good health.



Robert J. Rowen, MD






Check out this VIDEO - you dont to buy, but tons of information........


REVEALED: Ultra Simple Carb-Hormone Trick Lowers Blood Sugar; BOOSTS Fat Loss---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Healing Choices Guide to Complementary and Alternative Healthcare

The purpose of a guide is to help you learn the modalities (therapies) that are available to you. Go to YouTube, research, don't be satisfied. This is only one WWW site.

CLICK ON THE BUTTERFLY......................

The information that you receive will give you the freedom and courage to make changes and take responsibility for your own holistic healthcare.

The butterfly teaches us that patience brings its rewards and as long as we keep working and developing ourselves the final glorious butterfly stage will come. It is the pure symbol of transformation and represents change, greater freedom and courage.



Follow these links to valuable NEWS and RESEARCH on many Holistic Health Options.

Valuable FREE Information. Be educated and help others.

Just a click on the links below will wisk your across the World Wide Web for additional information, technique or even some fun.  If you have some favorite sites you want to share, send me a web mail from the Contact Page.  We have only posted these links to give further understanding on concept, reading material and a starting point.  If there are some sites that offer services and product for sale.......buy if you want, the information is FREE.


                   It is all about Living Healthy - Living Happy - Living in Concert !


What if you lived in a world where you never had to be stressed about anything, or where at the very least you dealt with an extremely low level of stress?

A world where you had the money, relationships, health and happiness that you truly wanted? Where you always felt that you were in control of your emotions and your life? How would your life be different and better?

If you're like most people in our fast-paced society, you're probably dealing with an enormous amount of daily challenges and carrying a tremendous amount of stress, whether you're aware of it or not.

When you stop and think about it, which of these things cause you stress in your life, whether it be at a high or low level?

green-arrow Dealing with or making enough money green-arrow Physical Pain In My Body
green-arrow Your Weight green-arrow Your Job, Your Boss or Your Business
green-arrow Your Relationships green-arrow Your Direct Family
green-arrow Not Sleeping Well at Night green-arrow Your Extended Family and Other Relatives
green-arrow Not Feeling Good Enough / Smart Enough green-arrow Food, Alcohol or Other Addictions
green-arrow Your Childhood Or Other Parts of Your Past green-arrow Social Interactions
green-arrow Your Health green-arrow Not Getting Enough Done in Your Life
green-arrow And beyond these examples, what stresses you the most right now?

For most people, just reading the above list reminds them about how they feel about their current life, and of their daily obligations, of all the things going on that cause them stress, anxiety and overwhelm. And unfortunately...click on the link following to read more and watch a vedio.


Most People Have the False Belief That There Is Nothing They Can Do About Stress and That Dealing With It Isn't That Important Anyway



Holistic Health Information and Resource Sites to explore. Pass this on to others.

Winning Strategies for Vibrant Health - Inner Circle Guarded Secrets Subscription Available.



Welcome to the Burzynski Clinic


"What makes us different is that we find and treat the cause and stimulation of your cancer..."  SRB

  • Innovative and cutting-edge Personalized Cancer Therapy
  • Customized treatment for over 50 types of malignancies
  • Medical expertise based on over 40 years of clinical experience and research


Our Approach to Cancer

Burzynski Clinic does not believe in a "one size fits all treatment" for cancer patients.  Our care encompasses a personalized and customized approach.

Our goal is to be as sophisticated as possible when treating our cancer patients.  This means minimizing the use of potentially ineffective medication.

Dr Burzynski movie (Full Version)

Vital - Outstanding NEW Research and Inovation. Read and understand Alternative Therapy. Be informed and pass this on to others. You could save a Life!



Natural News.com - Natural Health - Natural Living - Nautral News.  Subscribe for FREE.



Sugar consumption accelerates aging


Studies show junk foods change brain chemistry and are addictive like cocaine


Peak Health is an Enhanced State of Aliveness that gives you the rocket fuel you need to live life to the fullest.

Optimizing health lifts your mood, gives you more available energy, reduces risk of illness and expands your capacity to handle life's challenges. Add to that increased physical attractiveness and confidence.  Click on this link to many alternative health solutions.




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