What is Disease, Distress, Toxic Overload and Unbalanced Energy?

What is Disease?

Dis-ease simply means life “without ease,” the inability to overcome harmful influences in our life. It doesn’t matter what your culture is. Dis-ease is the result of imbalance. Good health is a balance of body, mind, and spirit. In our society, people of all ages are at risk for the development of health-related problems. Most illness is caused by an accumulation of lifestyle and environmental factors that build up over the years. They attack our immune system, and we develop dis-ease. Some of these factors arise from toxins, distress, and the lack of life energy.

What is Toxic Overload?

Chemicals such as pesticides on our food crops, toxic waste, and antibiotics given to farm animals each year to increase their weight are passed on to us as consumers. Many of them are carcinogenic. All of these cause damage to DNA and damage our immune systems. Physical stress is a result of poor nutrition plus exposure to toxins in our diet or the world around us. 

What is Distress?

Emotional stress can also depress our immune system and make us more vulnerable to infections and dis-ease. Stress comes to us in many ways—financial state, family matters, past abuse, death, marriage, personal injury or illness, foreclosure, bankruptcy, child issues, even being in jail or anything else that creates a disturbance to our physical and emotional selves. Prolonged stress places a load on many organ systems, especially the heart, blood vessels, adrenals, and immune system. 

What is Unbalanced Energy?

Electrical currents flow through the nervous system and help our body regulate itself. The nervous system is connected to every organ and tissue in our body. Signals flow through the nerves from the brain to regulate all of our bodily activities. As long as something is alive, it has life energy circulating through it and surrounding it, but when it dies, the energy is gone. If your life energy is low, or if there is a restriction in its flow, you are more vulnerable to illness and dis-ease. When it is high and flowing freely, you are less likely to get sick. 

Illness, disease, aging, physical or mental pain.

This video is 28minutes long and discusses Pain and Suffering from a Christian Viewpoint.   Enjoy.



For many of us this becomes our primary link to our spiritual journey. While many of us may be too busy worrying about our career, a new home, a new car, or other material ventures, an illness of some sort will inevitably touch your life and reshape your priorities. At times you will feel like you can lead the world, but inevitably a humbling event occurs. The most humbling events are the ones that threaten your health. A threat to my wife's health ultimately became our trigger to need to seek answers as to why? What's the purpose of suffering? Why should we exist to inevitably suffer in the end? Why is everyone else much happier, and prosperous? Why does this always happen to us?


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