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Dr. Rowen - Why he became an Alternative Doctor, MD.

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Master Mineral Supplement (MMS)

The following video is 45 minutes long and packed with information on MMS and testemonials.  You will not get this information from your doctor or pharmacist.  Big Pharma does not want you to know this,  You can save money and even save a life.

If you do not take the 25 minutes to view this video, I wish you good luck with conventional methods.  You will to hear about this from your doctor or pharmacy. Please take the time to be informed, it may save a life.



Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS)

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The purpose of this document is to show basic scientific proofs and logic of MMS. Scientific references are given where ever possible.  MMS is an oxidizer that kills the pathogens of many different diseases. The chemical of MMS has been used to kill pathogens for 100 years, and to purify water. This paper gives the chemical formula of MMS, explains how it works and explains the simplicity of making it. The basics of oxidation is explained, as that is necessary to understand.


Treatment of diseases and training


Actually - we don't consider that we treat diseases. We believe that our product MMS brings health to all, and especially those who are sick. With the thousands of testimonies with most known diseases represented, we believe that MMS brings health to those who are sick regardless of what they may be sick from. Each person is expected to know and use MMS for himself, and his children. We have the literature and we provide seminars that covers MMS data thoroughly, giving each student the opportunity to do each protocol so that he knows it. The data is provided online, and many different emails addresses bring in hundreds of letters daily that are answered so that people can use MMS safely. Our church, the Genesis 2 Church of Health & Healing, has more than 500 Ministers of Health & Healing and 35 Bishops of Health & Healing (as of 06.2012). These Ministers and Bishops helps anyone who might ask them, with information on how to use MMS, and often providing the MMS for free.


We never stop learning.

By Jim Humble:


MMS continues to save lives the world over and I must be honest, sometimes even I'm shocked to see such radical results. This past eight weeks once again showed us what some over their called miracles. Dying folks with HIV who couldn't even walk where up and about in just ten days. A young girl (her doctors had given up on her) with stomach cancer and dying of starvation (to painful to eat) was eating whole meals after two weeks of MMS and MMS2. Her cheeks had that rosey healthy look when we left her - I will never forget her families gratefulness. 

I was reminded though that MMS alone can not do all the work in healing the body. Supplying the body with its basic minerals to rebuild its constitution and then teaching people the benefits of fasting both proved to be major jumps forward when treating people with MMS and MMS2 protocols. We actually reformulated our mineral supplements during our time away - based on what we learnt from our friends in Oman, we re-engineered our mineral formula. So we super excited to now share this with you and our suppliers across the world soonest.


Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine

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Master Mineral Solution -

Why has this Product Become so Popular?

This amazingly powerful compound, commonly known as the Miracle Mineral Supplement or MMS,  has been very prominant in the alternative medicinal arena for close to a decade. The reason it has stood the test of time is because it works - & works well!  The man who is responsible for its discovery & bringing it into the mainstream is Jim Humble.


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Dr. Bradley Hurst. "What is Chlorine Dioxide?"


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Herbs that kill Cancers, HIV, and Everything Else ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

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These are the  times. Nothing more nothing less. Arm thyself...

Pao Pereira


Pao Pereira is a tree from the Amazon rainforest. The extract seems to effectively suppress the proliferation of HIV, herpes viruses, cancer and leukemia cells
Effective in preventing prostate cancer and/or reducing PSA levels*.
Used in the treatment of malaria; to boost the immune system. Can be useful in combating Aids and herpes.
Alkaloids from Pao Pereira have the same toxic effect against certain cancer cells; however with no such effect on normal cells.
Pao Pereira also inhibits replication of the Herpes simplex virus genome.
It crosses the blood-brain barrier easily and attaches itself to potential cancer cells.
The alkaloids carry a risk of toxicity only in cases of overdose and have no side effects.
The tincture can be applied to all types of disease involving immunodeficiency and can be used as a synergistic adjunct therapy alongside chemo- and radiotherapy in many forms of cancer.



Graviola Actions: anticancerous, antitumorous, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, hypotensive

Main Uses: for cancer (all types), as a broad-spectrum internal and external antimicrobial to treat bacterial and fungal infections, for internal parasites and worms, for high blood pressure, for depression, stress, and nervous disorders

Actions Documented by Research: antibacterial, anticancerous, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, antifungal, antimalarial, antimutagenic (cellular protector), antiparasitic, antispasmodic, antitumorous, cardiodepressant, emetic (causes vomiting), hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), insecticidal, sedative, uterine stimulant, vasodilator

Actions Documented by Traditional Use: antiviral, cardiotonic (tones, balances, strengthens the heart), decongestant, digestive stimulant, febrifuge (reduces fever), nervine (balances/calms nerves), pediculicide (kills lice), vermifuge (expels worms).


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Why These Health


Breakthroughs are

Deliberately Kept Secret from the Public

The single best source of "underground" discoveries that can heal
virtually any disease ... eliminate pain ... optimize your health and well-being ...
and slow down your aging process --
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Is This the Cure for Cancer That Really Works?

Is this is the Video the

Pharmaceutical Industry
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Find out how this safe, inexpensive and powerful healing method has been administered by an estimated 15,000 European doctors, naturopaths and homeopaths to more than 10 million patients in the past 70 years to successfully treat cancer, AIDS and many other diseases..


Explore and learn.............more information gives you other options!


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