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Uplift & Empowerment - THE POWER OF SELF 


Some people can be happy in poverty while others are depressed despite their fortunes. The difference is in the way people choose to respond to the world around them. I hope that through these connections, in some small way, help a few people see the world around them in a different way and improve their outlook on life.


Loving yourself starts with releasing comparisons and forgiving yourself. For you, it is important to ask yourself why you hold so many things against yourself. What have you done that wasn't part of your learning and evolving? Please.. be gentle on yourself. 


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford.







Steps For Overcoming Life’s Tough Stuff


People ask me how I get through life’s toughest times (yes we all have them)…


Here it is in 2 steps:


1) I do what I can do. There are always steps and actions I need to take, no matter what the challenge, difficulty, heartache, no matter what it is, I do what only I can do. The parts I can do, I do. I don’t expect those to be magically done for me. I don’t have a leprechaun in my pocket to grant wishes for me :-)

Dont-throw-in-towel2) For the parts that are above my pay grade, the insurmountable, the “impossible” parts, I close my eyes, look up and hand off the rest, and believe it’ll workout as it should. Yes, step two really is that simple.


I’m an amateur as to why it works, as to all the reasons why I get to experience the sense of peace I do when I remember to apply this simple two step process. All I known is that when I do — it works 100% of the time. I always find that life has an incredible way of filling in the details.


If this resonates with you super. If not that’s OK too. We all get to think for ourselves and I’m certainly not naive enough to think I have all the answers. I’m just sharing this in the event you, or someone you know might find this helpful.




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Moment of Love



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THRIVE - What On Earth Will It Take? (the Official Movie 212 minutes) Enjoy!

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                       - Julian  Auckland, New Zealand

Some people can be happy in poverty while others are depressed despite their fortunes. The difference is in the way people choose to respond to the world around them. I hope that through this blog I can, in some small way, help a few people see the world around them in a different way and improve their outlook on life. 


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39 Ways To Uplift Yourself

12 Ways To Fight The Procrastination Monster

This Too Shall Pass



The video I want to share with you today is a powerful perspective, beautifully illustrated with inspiring images. After you watch this, you may never underestimate the power of gratitude again.



7 Year old goes toe to toe with the Nebraska Cornhuskers and scores a 69 yard touchdown!


When you think of American football, especially here in Texas, you generally have thoughts of huge corn fed men snorting, gritting their teeth, and digging their cleats into the ground trying to get more solid footing for one reason, to crush the guy wearing the other color jersey and pound him into the dirt.

You usually think of tackles, passes, hard bone crunching hits, and rivals between fans like nothing you’ve ever seen.


Watch this Video....................


What you don’t think about is being inspired to the point you get goose bumps!

You usually don’t think about a 7 year old boy who has battled brain cancer for 2 years, had 2 surgeries, and endured a 60-week barrage of chemotherapy.

And you normally wouldn’t think about that same boy standing toe to toe with these powerful giant athletes all suited up in full uniform.

But on this day, that was exactly what happened for Jack Hoffman.

This is 100% awesome pure feel good inspiration in just about 1 minute.

It’s these simple acts of kindness that make a lasting impression on the world in a positive way and for this little guy, made his dreams come true in front of 60,000 cheering fans!

Sometimes we forget how much power and ability we have to tape peoples lives with our words, actions, love, and leadership because we take ourselves and our talents for granted.

We all start at the beginning, and with hard work, perseverance, dedication, and through NEVER giving up, we gain skills, power, and abilities we didn’t have when we started. We gain strength, wisdom, knowledge, and confidence we didn’t have when we started.

And whenever we have the ability or opportunity to do something that impacts peoples lives like this, we should always remember that while some things in life my seem incredible simple to us to the point we take them for granted, having one shot at doing those very same things for others can be a life long dream come true.

Good job Cornhuskers for executing those phenomenal act of kindness and for not only adding an unforgettable experience to this brave little boys life, but for inspiring the rest of us to find ways to to the same for others with our talents, skills, power, and ability!

And Jack Hoffman… Great run little man, you scored a TD! :-)



NEVER ASSUME.......our planet is so full of supprise and love. WAtch this video.........



selective attention test

Daniel SimonsDaniel Simons




Do Your Emotions Ever Sabotage Your Plans for Happiness?

by Barrie Davenport 



“The emotions aren’t always immediately subject to reason, but they are always immediately subject to action.” ~William James

You wake up ready to seize the day.

Knowing what constitutes a happy life, you are ready to get started with the work you love.

You are ready to spend time with loving and supportive family and friends.

You are ready to take action on something that brings you peace, purpose, or joy.

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Reading Body Language


Reading body language is very exciting indeed! If you know how to read and interpret body language, you can predict other people's mood and thinking process.

You can persuade and influence them more effectively by doing things that are in harmony with their present state or mood. The power of persuasion is now in your hands!

Read the awesome body language information in this lens. And make sure you watch the videos below. You'll discover body language secrets that most people will never know! Get the upper hand. :)