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Five Rules of Happiness

  |  by Brian Johnson

“Stress is not caused by problems. It is your attitude toward the problem that causes stress. Knowing the cause of stress makes it easier to deal with, for now the appropriate question can be asked. The question is not how can I rid myself of stress, but how can I change my attitude toward work, events, disappointments, fears, and people?” ~ José Silva and Burt Goldman from The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics

Silva and Goldman offer perhaps *the* coolest and simplest and easiest to implement overview of how to be happy I’ve ever read. (Seriously.)

Five Rules:

  1. If you like something, enjoy it.
  2. If you don’t like something, avoid it.
  3. If you don’t like something and can’t avoid it, change it.
  4. If you can’t or choose not to (important distinction there!) avoid or change something you don’t like, then accept it.
  5. You accept something by changing your perception of it.



Becoming The Adult

by Mark I Myhre


You become an adult when you integrate with the various parts of you.


For example –

You have an ego.

You have an inner child.

You have an inner adolescent.

You have an inner parent.


These four are mandatory of all humans in today’s world, as far as I know.

These parts live and breathe and think and feel, inside of you. They exert profound influence in your life right now, today.


So let me ask you: which of those parts dominates your life right now? Do you function from ego, or child? Or is it the adolescent? If you’re like most people, you fall under one of those three categories, when it comes to how you interact with your world and with your life.


Whose eyes are you seeing the world though, right now?

Or maybe you’re one of those rare individuals who’s integrated with these other parts of yourself. In which case, you’re an adult. You function as an adult. Congratulations. Pretty sweet, isn’t it?


Life flows so much better when you function as an adult.

But what if you sense you’re not quite there yet? What’s it gonna take to truly function as an adult, in a grown-up world?


Having the balls to say WTF. Why am I alive, if not to go for it? There was a time when I wanted to die. I mean, REALLY wanted to die. But I was scared to death to live. What kind of life is that? I didn’t come here to live the life of a coward, and then die.


If I’m scared, what do I really have to lose by going for it? I mean, I’m going to die anyway, sooner or later! Everybody does. Nobody makes it out of here alive. So why not go down kicking and screaming? Why not make a splash? Why not make some waves? You’re going to die anyway. Just like me. Why not say to yourself -

I’m going to go for that inner place inside that scares me. I’m not going to go through life, and never face myself. I’m just not going to do it.

Yes, there’s something inside me I’m afraid to face. I’ll admit it. But someday I will face it. It’s inevitable. And intuitively, I know it’s better to face it while I’m still down here on earth. I don’t know how I know it, but I do know that I know it.


Becoming an adult. It sounds so simple. All you gotta do is grow up. Be responsible. Live a life you don’t want to live. That’s what an adult is, right? A miserable person trudging through life?

Not in my book. Being an adult means taking a stand for yourself.


I will stand up for me. And I will not stand for anything or anyone that doesn’t respect me. I will not stand for it. That’s what being an adult means to me.

It also means I’ve integrated with the other parts of me. At least to a certain extent. I’ve integrated enough. Sure, there’s always more to do. But I’m at peace with myself. And I can work things out amicably in my head… and in my heart.

We’re a team, so to speak. We’re enough of a team, anyway. We’re close enough. Me and the other parts of me. I’ve helped them heal enough of their fears so it’s not in my face any longer.


I might feel fear, but it’s not a morbid fear, like it used to be. I’m okay with the fear I feel. That’s another characteristic of an adult.


Ironically, you don’t get there by working harder, by trying harder. You get there by engaging ‘process’. You engage the magic of process. Which really means you step into the flow of life.

Life is a process. When you let life be what it is, you start finding yourself in the flow. All life is a process. All life is a flow. And those don’t have to be words of platitude…. something that sounds good, but with little substance…with nothing to sink your teeth into. No.


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Moment of Love



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Easy Organizing Challenge: Three Things


One, two, threeuno, dos, treseins, zwei, drei. Languages can get pretty complicated, but counting to 1-2-3 is always an easy skill to master, no matter the language.


In the same way, clutter can really complicate your life, but purging 1-2-3 things is always a simple task.


Here’s the thing: we, as human beings, often won’t let getting rid of clutter be a simple task.

When you are experiencing an “out with the old, in with the new” transformation, there are a number of elements that tend to surface, build up, and then collide into a perfect storm:


1) Thoughts and Feelings

Every object in your life holds a different energy for you and comes charged with thoughts and feelings. This energy can be negative, positive, neutral, or any combination thereof.


2) Fear and Doubt
The idea of change, even if constructive, can aggravate your what-if sensitivity – most notably “What if I need this later?” When this happens, you begin to doubt your decisions and fear moving forward.


3) Outside Influences and Constraints


External circumstances play a big role in the flow of things in and out of your life. These externals can be serious concerns like difficult family relationships or smaller concerns like everyday distractions.


“The cost of a thing is the amount of what I call life, which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

When you face this perfect storm, it’s important to put on your raincoat, and shield yourself from your thoughts and feelings, fears and doubts, and outside influences as much as possible. Then focus and ask yourself these two questions:

  • How much of my life is this “costing” me?
  • Is it worth it?

Your Easy Organizing Challenge is to select three items that you no longer want or need, and purge them from your life today.


Declutter Bigger | Throughout the year, and in keeping with the theme of three’s, make it a priority to eliminate three things from your life each month that cause chaos, clutter, and overwhelm.


Declutter Smarter | This Easy Organizing Challenge manages at least three of the six types of clutter: physical clutter, emotional clutter, and mental clutter.


Declutter Faster | The average American spends one year of their life looking for lost or misplaced items (US News and World Report), and getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework in an average home. (Ottawa Citizen). By getting organized you waste a lot less time, and other jobs get done faster.


We’re looking for your best tips, strategies and inspiring stories on organizing for our upcoming Lessons From Organizing book. If you would like to learn more about how to contribute and get a FREE download of  “7 Days To A More Organized You” (no submission required) by Carmen Coker, click here.



Fascinating Nature - The Most Spectacular


Landscapes in the World



I know, it’s 1 hour 29 min but…  for those out there wanting to be inspired by fascinating landscape where every second of the movie is another masterpiece… this is your chance to grab and watch.


How To Heal Your Past..........

Do you ever feel your "past" is intruding on your
ability to enjoy and be effective in the present?

What if something you did or something that happened
to you seems to cling to your consciousness - perpetually
reminding you that you are "unworthy," "imperfect," or
"damaged" and need to be fixed?

You've also probably heard more than once that the
key to enjoying a life of happiness and success is to
"be present."  But how can you free yourself from what
happened in the past?

There are many therapies and personal growth
techniques that help to heal what has happened to us
in the past. Let's explore some of the essential steps
that many of these techniques have in common. Then
we'll look at one practice in particular that can help you
to take these steps.

While you may not be able to change something you've
done or that happened to you in the past, you can shift
how you relate to it.  You can also take repairing
actions in the present. 

As a first step, I believe it's important to accept
what you have done or what was done to you without
piling judgment upon it.  Is it possible to accept what
happened without writing a big story about how bad it
was and how it has ruined your life? 

Whatever you have done does not define who you are,
nor does what someone else has done to you define
who you are or who they are. 

Can you look back upon what happened in the past
without adding negative judgment and drama to it?

To go one step further, can you find learning in what
happened?  Is there any way that experience taught you
something important?  Without that experience you may
not have learned this.  What might that learning be?
Can you forgive yourself for your part in what

You may not have been fully conscious of what you
were doing or you may have been reacting from your
own past pain.  Can you forgive the others involved? 

Perhaps they were unaware of what they were doing
or were unconsciously reacting to their own past
pain?  Perhaps each of you thought what you were doing
was justified?  Perhaps everyone was doing the best
they could at the time? 

We forgive not because what happened was justifiable
or excusable, but simply because forgiveness helps
everyone to move on.

Finally, what can you do now to make things better?  Is
there some positive action you can take?  Is there any
way that you can take what you've learned and
experienced and use it to assist others?

We've all done things we are not proud of.  We've
all been hurt by others.  It's how we move forward
from those events that is most important.  What can you
do now to live in the best way you know?

Inner practices such as meditation are one thing you
can do to gain some mental-emotional space to
successfully move through the steps mentioned above.

Meditation enables you to observe your inner
experiences without being overwhelmed by them.  When
you can witness what has happened without being
consumed by it, you can more easily let go of the past
and connect more strongly with what is happening now.


Practicing meditation is one of the best ways to
heal your past and bring more peace and joy into your life. 


For a solid grounding in the basics of meditation, energized
breathing and manifesting what you desire with the Law of
Attraction, check out this program:



The Power of Vulnerability


Influential author and speaker Dr Brené Brown tackles the myth that vulnerability is a weakness. Instead, she argues, it is the clearest path to courage and meaningful connection, and has the power to transform the way we engage and educate.



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You Have Choice


You Are Enough


You Are Loved


You Have A Heart






Welcome to Authentic Happiness

Authentic Happiness is the homepage of Dr. Martin Seligman, Director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania and founder of positive psychology, a branch of psychology which focuses on the empirical study of such things as positive emotions, strengths-based character, and healthy institutions.

This website has more than 2 million users from around the world, and you are welcome to use all of the resources available here for free.

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Compassionate Love Scale
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VIA Strength Survey for Children

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Close Relationships Questionnaire

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Compassionate Love Scale

Measures your tendency to support, help, and understand other people

Meaning in Life Questionnaire

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Approaches to Happiness Questionnaire

Measures Three Routes to Happiness

Satisfaction with Life Scale
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Learn About Positive Psychology


Positive psychology theory and research has been applied across many domains, from education to health to neuroscience. In this section, you will find articles about some of the larger positive psychology initiatives from the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center. These articles are not meant to be comprehensive reviews of the work in these domains – instead, they offer an introductory overview for those who may not be familiar with these projects. For those curious to learn more about these initiatives, we have provided suggestions for learning more where possible.

Positive Health Image

Is health more than just the absence of illness? Click here to read about recent efforts in “positive health” to identify the subjective, biological, and functional assets that actually increase health.

Positive Neuroscience

What are the neural mechanisms of human flourishing? Click here to read about a network of researchers studying neuroscience topics ranging from the biological bases of altruism to the effects of positive interventions on the brain.



Positive Education Image

Without compromising either, can schools teach both the skills of well-being and the skills of achievement? Click here to read about the possibilities of positive education.

Positive Psychotherapy Image

Should psychotherapy aim to both alleviate depression and increase well-being? Click here to learn about a new positive psychotherapy program.


CSF Image

Can the army become as psychologically fit as it is physically fit? Click here to learn about the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program that is teaching resilience skills to the U.S. Army community.



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Emotional Healing Background Info

I’ve got an ‘emotional healing agenda’.

I want you to know what it feels like to have emotional dominion.

Notice I didn’t say emotional freedom.  The last thing in the world I want is for you – or anyone else for that matter – to be free of emotions.

Free of the stories about emotions – yes.

Free of the emotions – no.

Hey, I want you to feel more, not less!


“But what if I feel awful!


I don’t want to feel more awful!”

I hear you.  I don’t either.  I want to feel good.  But more important than feeling good is to just plain feel.  Period.

Here’s the thing:

You’ve got a flow of emotion flowing through you all the time.  We all do.  When you let it flow, like it’s supposed to, then you’ll probably end up feeling wonderful most of the time. Not all the time, but enough… enough for you to know you’re on the right track and you’re doing the right thing.

But most people do all they can to shut down that flow.  They almost had to, just to survive their childhood.

Imagine yourself, back before you were born…

A free and powerful spirit.  Your only boundaries are the ones you choose yourself.  You live in love and light and life.  Out of your love, out of your power, you choose to come down to this earth and inspire others with your light.

“I can make it.  I can be an inspiration to others.  I WILL.”

And so here you come, naked and helpless and crying.  Oh, and you have amnesia too.

All those great plans, all those power meetings you attended to go over your strategies and tactics…  all those practice sessions…  all that training… 


Read more.....