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1. “I cannot control everything that happens; I can only control the way I respond to what happens. In my response is my power.”

2. “I will never be as good as everyone tells me when I win, and I will never be as bad as I think when I lose.”

3. “I will think less about managing my problems and more about managing my mindset. I will keep it positively focused.”

4. “There is a big difference between empty fatigue and gratifying exhaustion. Life is short. As often as possible, I will invest in the activities that move me.”

5. “If I don’t have time for what matters, I will stop doing things that don’t.”

6. “My next step in the right direction does not have to be a big one.”

7. “I will eat as I love myself, move as I love myself, speak as I love myself... and live like I love myself. Today."

8. “I will not get caught up in what could’ve been or should’ve been. I will look instead at the power and possibility of what is, right now.”

9. “Peace will come to me when it comes from me.”

10. “I will be too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.”

The bottom line is, despite the real-world challenges you face, the biggest and most complex obstacle you will have to personally overcome on a daily basis is your own mind...

YES, YOU CAN THINK BETTER, which means you can tap into your inner strength and ultimately live better, one day at a time.

And yes, of course, that's sometimes easier said than done.

Thinking better when you're in the heat of a tough season, or at a crossroads in life, takes guidance and practice.

How to Accept Change


Change is hard for many people to accept.

However, it's worth keeping in mind that part of growing as a person requires you to accept that life is constantly changing.

We might lose our jobs, lose loved ones, have to relocate unexpectedly or have other life-changing things happen to us, but these changes are just part of life.

We might not like how society is changing or how our community is changing, but we need to be able to cope with these changes in a positive way. Luckily, there are many ways to view change, to adjust, and to ultimately accept it.





Why We Must Change and How to Direct This Change Positively

Lukas Schwekendiek 

Photo by Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash

You walk into the grocery store, get your things and finally reach the cashier.

The cashier, for some reason, gives you a look of disdain as they ring up your items.

Unbeknownst to you, that small experience has made a change.


You feel worse going to the grocery store, feel more nervous when you meet cashiers, and start to avoid going to this particular store in the future.


All of this happens subconsciously, and it is a tiny change, but one nonetheless.

Every second of every day you make experiences like this.

Small, tiny experiences that do not amount to much in a given day.

But, over the course of the year, the decade, and your lifetime, these changes turn you into who you are today.


The simple answer to why our personality changes are because of the experiences we live through in life.


No one can stop themselves from changing as every second we have to experience something, even if it is an empty room.

Some of these experiences have little to no effect, which is why most people only change very little over the course of a lifetime, whilst other experiences can change our entire life in an instant; Such as a near-death experience.


Very Emotionally-impactful experiences tend to leave a bigger impact on life.


We find a new way of looking at things, gain a new belief or obtain a new point of view that might change everything about us.

Sometimes this means letting go of old friends, other times it means valuing the friends you have more.

The interesting thing is that you can never know what will trigger a changing experience for you.

It may be a movie, a song or even a random sentence said by someone as a joke that you take to heart.

It’s something happening at the right place, in the right time, that causes a whole avalanche of different thoughts.


These experiences usually do not change us for the negative.


Most of the time, life-altering changes create a needed, positive change that we were too afraid to make before.

When it comes to other people that may sometimes however mean that we are the change they were too afraid to make.

We can never know what will trigger a change for us, nor for anybody else, or what lessons we draw from that experience.

Sometimes people change for, what we perceive to be the worse, but what they needed to do.


But it always results in the same thing: The concept of being happier.


Every change that happens is towards the end of being happier.

No one changes consciously to make their life worse.

They may change something that ends up with a negative side-effect, but it will not be a change that they consciously picked.

Sometimes, however, it is not even a choice to change.

It is merely an experience that was thrust onto us that had us change, causing us to chose from a lesser of two evils.


In the end, we change because we live.


It is just as much a part of life as breathing. It just happens.

You cannot change the fact that everything will change.

But you can direct the flow a little bit by consciously putting yourself into situations that can lead to a more specific change in the end.


Coming Full Circle

When we come full circle, there is the feeling that we have come to a familiar place, but we are somehow different.

Life is a circular journey through our issues and processes, and this is why things that are technically new often seem very familiar.

It is also why, whenever we work to release a habit, change a pattern, or overcome a fear, we often encounter that issue one last time, even after we thought we had conquered it.

Often, when this happens, we feel defeated or frustrated that after all our hard work we are still dealing with the same problem.

However, the reappearance of a pattern, habit, or fear, is often a sign that we have come full circle, and that if we can maintain our resolve through one last test, we will achieve a new level of mastery in our lives. 

When we come full circle, there is often the feeling that we have arrived in a familiar place, but that we ourselves are somehow different


We know that we can handle challenges that seemed insurmountable when we began our journey, and there is the feeling that we might be ready to take on a new problem or some new aspect of the old problem.

We feel empowered and courageous to have taken on the challenge of stopping a pattern, releasing a habit, or overcoming a fear, and to have succeeded.

At times like these, we deserve a moment of rest and self-congratulation before we move on to the next challenge.

Coming full circle is like stepping into a clearing where, for a moment, we can see where we came from and where we are standing at the same time.


Remembering that we will be tested again is important, but it's also important to pause and take a look at the ground we've covered, honoring our courage, our persistence, and our achievement.

Then we can begin the next leg of our circular journey with a fuller understanding of where we are coming from.


Today, I hope you will have another inspired day,

that you will dream boldly and dangerously,

that you will make some progress that didn’t exist before you took action,

that you will love and be loved in return, and that you will find the strength to accept and grow from the troubles you can’t change.

And, most importantly (because I think there should be more kindness and wisdom in this crazy world),

that you will,

when you must,

be wise with your decisions,

and that you will always be extra kind to yourself and others.