I still can't find what I am looking for.




   and the awesome you.


This page was inspired by a song on the radio as I was driving home to Fort Lauderdale from Miami Florida.


The song is lyrics from U2 "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". 


This song for me resonates with all aspects of my life to include love, career, friendships, spirituality, a pet, a celebration of great joy, or a solution to a challenge. 




Turn on the Video Music, don't watch it, move on and listen to the background music while you scroll down through the 20 questions. Sincerely try and answers such simple questions.  You may be very excited and surprised with your answers to yourself.  If you get hung up on an answer, skip it and go back later.


This exercise is awesome.

The connection of music, thinking, and answering such basic thoughts is also so important for the authentic you.


You are awesome.


Share this technique with others, connect.  Live, Love, Laugh,


Right now, remind yourself of the truth.

Remind yourself that the New Year means nothing if your mind is still boxed up in its comfort zone.

Don’t fool yourself into living the same year 90 times and calling it a life.

And don’t just think outside the box in 2024…

Think like there is no box.

Open your mind!


Start by asking yourself better questions


20 Questions that Will Open Your Mind in 2024

Written by

20 Questions that Will Open Your Mind in 2020


Start by asking yourself better questions.

Questions that break you away from all the comfortable distractions in your life, so you can refocus your thinking on what matters most…




In one sentence, who are you?






In one word, what do you live for?






What's the number one change you need to make in your life in the next twelve months?







What is worth the pain?






What will you never give up on?









What do you always try to avoid?







What's something you take for granted every day?










What do you need most right now?










What would you immediately do differently if you knew no one would judge you?







What's something no one could ever steal from you?









Who would you like to forgive right now?












Happiness is not __?









What impact do you want to leave on the people you love?










Life is too short to tolerate __?










What's something that used to scare you, but no longer does?







What do you want to remember forever?










What do you always look forward to?








What do you appreciate most about your current situation?










What recently reminded you of how fast time flies?










What's something everyone should be able to say before they die?

(And what should everyone be able to say before the end of 2024?)


A Slightly Deeper Dive into Self-Questioning


As I alluded to in the intro, the questions you ask yourself on a regular basis can determine the type of person you become.

Self-questioning, when leveraged effectively and consistently, gradually frees your mind to focus on what matters most.

This process is something Marc and I have successfully guided hundreds of our coaching clients and course students through over the past decade, to help them cope with the various debilitating sources of stress that were holding them back.


If you’d like to better cope with the stress in your own life in 2021, I’ll give you a few bonus questions to consider.

Unlike the questions above, which focus on the big picture of what’s important to you, the following will support you when you’re derailed by the frustrations of life’s smaller everyday encounters.


The key to using these questions is embracing the fact that most of the frustrations and stress in your daily life could be avoided if you would simply take the time to ask, “What else could this mean?”


So next time a random life situation starts to get the best of you, pause, take a deep breath, and then ask yourself:

  • What’s the story I’m telling myself about this situation?
  • Can I be absolutely certain this story is the truth?
  • How do I feel and behave when I tell myself this story?
  • If I stopped telling myself this story once and for all, what else might I see, feel, or experience?

Give yourself the space to think it through carefully.

Mull it over consciously.

And see how doing so opens your mind to respond more peacefully and appropriately in the years ahead.



Now, it’s your turn…do the research.  Change and learning a new technique can be fun!