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Time is the greatest treasure.



This Woman Was Worth $9 Million When She Died. But Nobody Ever Knew, So What's the Point?

Her name was Sylvia Bloom, and she worked for 67 years as a secretary at a Wall Street law firm, riding the subway each morning and going home each night to the modest apartment she shared with her husband.  read more....




Hello World,

This note is from Michael Malette, Founder of Global Connection Network, home of GlobalCnet.


This project started while I was healing from cancer; I was also in an auto accident. 

I keep asking why me, what will this do to my career, and who will want a damaged me?

I was sad; I was in pain, and I was confused about my future.  Do you know what I mean? 


I began to search for solutions, other perspectives....other stories just like my own.  I began to feel enlightened yet confused.  I began to feel gratified that my life was spared.  I began what I still feel was one of my essential life purposes. 


I realized the power of the WWW.  What started as a journal became the Global Connection Network.  I now enjoy over 1,346,000 visits to GlobalCnet.  I feel blessed, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.


It was my purpose to share my journey with you, and I hope you share GlobalCnet with everyone.  They are answers from experts and human experience, which can kindle hope.


Blessings and dream high; we live in a beautiful World,

Michae l Malette


Our pleasure, purpose, and goal are to share Connection - Holistic Lifestyle - Alternative Healing Treatments - Living Happier with New Thought - from original sources.


GlobalCnet is a collection of links to original thought, research, new ideas, and found expert advice.

We have assembled extensive information and facts to inspire YOU to further your education, skills, and desires in your specific subjects.

When you click on a blue link, you arrive at a website, do your research, and observe all the other articles available to you. 

Record what you need. 

Share what you learned.


GlobalCnet connected you to make better-informed decisions.


This is a teaching and informative Web Site again, presenting original authors, like Harvard University, MedNet, Unstuck.com, Readers Digest, Mental Health, and documents from millions of Web Sites that were written, published, and illustrated with specific content to expand your knowledge for personal growth, health and answers. 

All this WWW content was meant for your reading and answers,


GlobalCnet just connected you


We hope that you use all information for further answerers, ideas for more exploration, and the wisdom to share discoveries with others.  It is all about having the right fast or safe connections.  Everything has already been discovered, be smart, use proven methods, and spin your solutions to fit your needs. 


 Any questions, comments, or just want to say hello...leave webmail.

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                                             - Michael J. Malette, PhD

                                               Founder, Global Connection Network, Inc.