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A NOTE FROM Michael Malette, Founder of GlobalCnet.  January 16, 2024


Last night I was enjoying an awesome dream state.  However, as any human, I awoke to use the bathroom, I was somewhat disappointed that my dream was interupted.


I was happy, I was living in my mind with pleasant memories from the fading, could I rush back to bed and rejoin my dream journey? 

Unfortunitly all the light switches and noises' of the night brought me back to reality, and my dream was now in some other part of my universe.


This situation however prompted me to go to my home office and write down notes to create this series in the Study of Self.


Perhapse you have simular thoughs, and stories you would like to share.  If so, please send them to me and I will publish them with only your frst name.......communication with love is awesome.


Great wishes, dreams come true, and love in 2024.



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What is a Dream State?


Dreaming sleep, also commonly known as REM or rapid eye movement sleep, is one of the two basic states of sleep. The other basic state of sleep is NREM sleep or non-rapid eye movement sleep. Dreaming sleep is notable for the presence of rapid eye movement (REM)